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  • One year term
  • State-of-the-Art Mining Hardware:
  • 28 Nanometer Application Specific Integrated Circuit Processors
  • Liquid Hardware Cooling
  • Powered by Green Energy

For Sales Inquiries (24x7), please contact our US sales office at (512) 758-7847

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Platinum Investors Level Contracts

Contracts starting at $10,000 are available at investor level Gh/per dollar rates

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See what our clients have to say about Cloud Hashing.

  • I mined Bitcoin for over a year before hearing about Cloudhashing. I decided to try their service and compare it against my personal mining computers. With Cloudhashing I was mining within minutes, and there were no delays or downtime from hardware issues. I get the same amount of Bitcoins without having to constantly worry about a mining rig disconnecting or going down. Cloudhashing makes it so easy. They solve blocks consistently and I always get my payouts in a timely manner. I was so happy with my Gold Contract that I purchased a larger investor level contract and sold my GPU miner.

    Glenn Chaffin
    Los Angeles, CA

  • During these early days and uncertain times when bad actors are being shaken out of the bitcoin community it is comforting to know that Cloud Hashing has built a strong reputation as a safe and secure company to purchase bitcoin mining contracts through. The few times I have requested support from Cloud Hashing they have been professional, super friendly, fast and efficient. Best of all, I consider the Cloud Hashing team as friends I can contact anytime to enthusiastically discuss all things bitcoin. I've been recommending Cloud Hashing to all my friends.

    Patricia Pierre
    West Palm Beach, FL

  • In mid-December 2013 I became interested in the new business contracts for further diversification. I'm happy to say that they are actively earning Bitcoin for myself and for friends and family that I've introduced to Cloudhashing. The new contracts were the fastest way for me to increase my earnings in 2014, and the revenue reinvestment plan does add up. I have standing orders for more miners from other vendors that are not even close to being fulfilled, and I don't have time to day-trade BTC. The Cloudhashing team is definitely delivering and is responsive to customer needs. I'm excited to see what new innovations they develop (alt-coins please!)."

    Ron Justin
    Las Vegas, NV

  • Well, I want to tell you that I am TOTALLY impressed with what your company has done in just the last two months! The website is awesome looking, and with the Zendesk platform in place, your service reps are easily able to communicate with users on support questions. I quite frankly am very proud of you all and realize -- YES, I made a great decision in investing in CloudHashing.com.

    Jim Leatherman
    Sturbridge, MA